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How To Get Rid Of A Pimple Fast

Ice to reduce pimples

Breakouts are a fact of life and whether you deal with the occasional flare up or breakouts on the regular I've got a hot tip that is actually really cold and in your freezer right now, ice! Who knew back in the day that Vanilla Ice was really on to something? Ice is the closest thing to a magic wand for pimples, especially the deep painful ones that never come to the surface. Icing will help to reduce severity and speed the healing time of pimples but whatever you do, don't pick at it or you'll push the infection deeper into the skin only making it worse. After washing your face gently rub an ice cube in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes around your entire face while concentrating on areas of inflammation making sure to move it around so you don't cause freezer burn. You can wrap the ice cube in a small towel to keep your fingers from getting too cold. Follow with your regular skincare routine and repeat morning and night until the inflammation has settled. Consider adding icing to your everyday routine to prevent future breakouts before they start, besides reducing inflammation icing will help with product absorption while increasing circulation to the skin for a healthier glow. If you are consistently struggling with acne breakouts you might need a more comprehensive approach and a customized skincare routine to get it under control. At Spotless Skin Studio we offer an Acne Program with proven results for beautifully clear skin. For more information click here.

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